Thursday, January 13, 2011

What to do With All Your Hard-Earned Gold

I've just recently brought another one of my characters to gold-capped status, which leaves me the question: What to do now?

Well, I legitimately enjoy making gold in WoW, so of course I'm going to keep it up (although probably at a slower pace), but what's the point of having the gold if you're not going to spend it?

Gearing up your alts and mains is a good way to start.  Most BoEs from the new raids, and crafted epics, are available for around 10-15k (with the belts being less, around 6k).  Gems, enchants, and leg padding/spellthreads are another good source to improve your character.  Pets, mounts, novelty items, whatever you can imagine can be purchased with your seemingly-infinite wealth.

I'm a mount collector myself, although I haven't been doing much collecting as of late.  I'm at 93 mounts, currently, and unfortunately I don't have access to the Goblin Trikes as I'm Alliance side.  So, in lieu of the non-existent Gilneas mounts, I'm purchasing a Vial of the Sands, for both myself and the crafter (as a sort of "tip").

I gear up my friends, give gold away for epic flying, and hold contests!  I post in trade "First person to successfully guess my middle name, starting with a 'J,' wins 1,000g!"  How do you spend your excess?


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