Monday, February 28, 2011

Comment Please!

This is the first and last post where I'll ask for comments.  I just weeded through my following blogroll, and I think I took out too many.  I'd appreciate it if anyone who wants me to follow them could comment here, I'll read and support your blog if you do the same for mine!

A few things to mention

First of all, This is an awesome flash game to play.  It's fun, addicting, and can take 10 mins or awhile to go through.  It's great.

Anyway, sorry for the delayed response.  I was thinking about getting out of blogging.  I didn't really like the blogger interface, and I really didn't think I had anything interesting to contribute the past few days or however long it's been.  I'm going to try to keep thinking about things and we'll see what happens.

I'm going to remove everyone from my following list, and start over.  Going through I noticed that there were a lot of people on there who haven't updated more than once or twice, and when I'm trying to get to the good stuff I don't want to be trekking through all those blogs that people haven't maintained since day 1.  I'm going to rebuild it from there with everyone's blog who has a lot of great info.

I've been watching a lot of Netflix recently, in my "laid off" period.  Sliders became a new favorite show, and I'm liking Firefly.  Dead like Me is also a good show if you're looking for a somewhat comedy, somewhat drama show.  It only lasted 2 seasons and they had a movie which was okay, but I think it's worth the watch. 

That's all for now, I'll be back tomorrow with something, I'm sure =D

Monday, February 21, 2011

New game!

No, not Rift.  I heard it was mediocre, like playing Dragon Age: Origins as an MMO.  I'm talking about Hack Slash Crawl.

I've been stuck at work, even though I've been "laid off," for the past 2 days.  If you're not a Med Tech, you may not know that there is staggeringly little work to do on weekends; I got literally 20 samples all day yesterday.  I average about 100 on a regular weekday, with ease.  SO, in lieu of entertainment (other than misc'ing, of course), I picked up this flash game called Hack Slash Crawl.

You can pick one of like 10 races and 10 classes (roughly, I didn't count).  Each has its own specialization.  For example, Demons have increased fire resistance and deal extra fire damage with each attack, and Necromancers get "Raise Skeletonx1" and "Raise Skeletonx3."  Their functions are pretty much self explanatory.  I was partial to the Draconic Necromancer.

You also acquire equipment which gives stats, and also gives spells.  It's a nightmare for min/maxers like me, because even in this tiny flash  game I'm thinking of ways to improve my character.  My complaint?  No "save" feature.  If you die, that's it, game over, start from 0.  The plus side to dying is that you gain titles which give bonuses.  The more you kill and the more "money" (I say "money" because it's not really money, it's basically points) you gain, the better title you get.  I'm sure there are other factors but I haven't figured them out yet.

It's pretty fun, I wasted an entire day playing it.  High Tea, the feature game on yesterday, is good too.

Anyway, it's time to get to "work".  I left early because a snowstorm was slated for my region, but it took me the normal commute time to get here.  Result is: I get to leave early!  Stay hungry friends, and can we pretend that the weight on the rack is just the bar?  Because I could really use a rep right now...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Done with the Gold-Making Game

Title, kinda.

It's just not that interesting anymore; I log on, cut my gems, post them, and log onto my hunter.  I'm not closing my blog, but we're going to shift gears a bit.  It's just going to be about my general experiences, WoW and otherwise.  I'm the Original WoW Banksta, so that's not going anywhere (c wut i did thar), but here we go.

I'm a Med Tech at Umass Memorial Hospital, for my day job.  I'm per-diem now, with the agreed upon verbal contract that I'd be working 2-3 days per week as long as I was in school.  However, they recently had a meeting saying they're about $11 million in the red, so guess who's the first to go!  I'm not technically fired, but after this week I'm not on the schedule.  Kinda wish I got laid off so I could collect the benefits package, but what're you going to do.

With my new "blessing" of time off, I'm going to go live with my 2nd account and do something only insane people do; get all 10 characters to level 85 (or however close I feel like getting).  I'm going to RAF myself and get another 7 60's, here's how my roster looks now:

85 Shaman
62 Hunter
80 Warrior (whom I will be transferring over)
31 Rogue
20 Druid

So, my plan is after I get my Hunter to 70 or so (by Sunday evening, I'm going to start RAF next Monday morning), I'm going to level my first 2 characters to 59.75.  I'm going to use the first "level gifts" on my Rogue to get him to 60, then I'm going to level a priest and paladin (both on my account) to 59.75 (59.75 because the RAF xp bonus ends when any character on either account reaches level 60).  Once both of them are level 59.75, I'm going to use those level gifts to level another character to 60.  The last one will gain enough level gifts to get my Druid to level 60.

This sounds so depressing.  Haha I would take a trip, but I need to be in town for Mondays and Wednesdays for class.  I may see if I can catch a cheap flight to NY or something for a weekend, and I'm definitely taking some time to visit my friend in RI.  At any rate, that's my "project" for while I'm temporarily "laid off."  I strongly doubt this will actually happen.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Decline of Material prices

Sorry I haven't been updating recently, I haven't been feeling well and most often I just forget about it.  Anyway, a quick update:

New guild is going well, we've taken down everyone so far and we're working on heroic modes.  We got Halfus last Tuesday, but I don't know what else they've killed.

Got my hunter to level 58, on to Outlands!  It'll be nice to have a huge gear jump, and deal more damage.  At any rate, the heirloom pieces are helping (the bonus XP ones), and the guild cloak is good too.  I'm looking forward to getting the guild headpiece, but that won't be for awhile.

Let's look at material prices today.  Before, I said that an easy way to make gold was to turn the uncommon quality gems to jewelry pieces, and disenchant them.  Is that still profitable?  Let's look at it.

A cut uncommon gem vendors for 9g.  So, if you're looking at, say Alicite, you'd expect a return of at least 10g per dust (2 Alicites required for the piece, on top of a Jeweler's setting).  Check the Auction House, and what do you find?  Dusts are 8g.  They're actually down to 6g on my realm; this is good and bad.

This is good because it means that making enchanting scrolls will finally be profitable.  For some reason, people don't want to pay as much for the scroll as they would pay for the raw materials.  If you could purchase the wood for a desk for $60, you wouldn't expect the already made desk to go for $50.

This is bad, also.  This is bad because it cuts down on your revenue.  It reduces the value of hypnotic dust to the point where it's more profitable to cut the gems and vendor them.  This means less supply from the smart economist, but all those people who are looking for some quick gold still have the same supply.  The "quick gold" people will undercut each other until the price bottoms out, which will continue to reduce the efficacy of disenchanting and selling over vendoring.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Raised Gold Cap

As a quick aside before we begin, I was on facebook this morning.  I saw that one of my friends from middle school had not only got married to a 35 year old guy (I'm 24), but she already has a kid and another on the way.  Wierd!

Anyway, so the gold cap has been raised.  1c shy of 1mil gold.  It's nice in a way, not having to spread your gold around to different characters, but it also has a drawback; I can't say I'm goldcapped anymore.  My ego hurts a little bit.

I'm currently leveling a hunter, who's at level 43, and I took advantage of the WoW sale where you could buy an online copy of the game for $5, and BC and WotLK were also $5.  I bought a copy of WoW and plan to RAF myself so I can get the bonus, and that account can be the throwaway one, or used to transfer the characters to my main account.  Now that I'm done working 40 hours and I'm only working 16 plus 2 grad courses, it leaves more "free time" to level, so I'll make better use of it now, I think.  It's hard making gold with just one character who can do things, although with my new characters I'm sure it'll be better.

Your professions should go like this:
1.) Jewelcrafting
2.) Inscription
3.) Enchanting (this will move up as mats become cheaper and more people are progressing to endgame and heroics)
4.) Tailoring (bags AND threads)
5.) Blacksmithing (Everyone needs belt buckles
6.) Leatherworking

And then all the gathering professions.  I believe this is an accurate list of the most profitable professions, in order.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Raid Experiences and Being Frugal

Most of us raid, and raiding is fun.  End game content, seeing 9/24 other people coordinate to achieve the same goal, and finally taking down the boss and getting all the phat lewtz is a good time.  I recently just joined the top raiding guild on my server, and it's a fun but intense experience; there's a lot of pressure to perform and a lot of pressure to put out good numbers.  There's a few ways to do this:  food, flasks, and pots.  These are expensive, but let's talk about ways to keep the repair costs down.

First, you should be buying the mats and getting the items made/making them yourself.  I guarantee that there is a flask-specc'd Alchemist in your raid if you're raiding 25 mans.  If not, be sure to get someone to make them (preferably from your guild, that way you avoid the tip as well - this isn't rude, as I craft anything for guild-mates without a tip) beforehand.  If you're making potions, be sure the person is a potion-specc'd Alchemist.  For food, there's not much you can do.

I'd stay away from farming the material: if you're looking at it from a pure gold per hour standpoint, it's almost always "cheaper" to purchase from the Auction House.  I know Deep Sea Sagefish (to make Severed Sagefish Heads) cost approximately half of the finished product.  Pro Tip: You can also make these and sell for a decent amount of gold!

If you must buy pre-made flasks/pots, buy ONLY WHAT YOU NEED.  Prices WILL come down soon, and you don't want to be the guy who invests 4,000g in flasks only to find out that the price dropped to half that in a month.

And of course, try not to die.

Friday, February 11, 2011

No WoW Post Today

No WoW Post today, sorry guys.  I'm gearing up for the gym and heading to Boston for the weekend.  Going to spend Valentine's Day Weekend with a special lady.

At any rate, heading for a bench PR today (been training inconsistently for about 2 months so it's only at 180 or so), and a squat PR (125 yes!).  Everyone, Patellar Tendinitis sucks.

That's it, for now.  Enjoy the weekend, I'll be back on Monday.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Leveling Alts...for Profit!

Sorry for the late post today, but here we go again.

Lately, I've been taking an interest in my alt, a level 34 hunter.  I started him about a month ago, but I rarely play on this character.  I have 3 heirloom pieces, the 10% guild bonus, and level extremely quickly, and I have 500g.  0 to 500g, no Auction House flipping, nothing other than doing quests.  How?

1.) Don't buy items from the Auction House.  Let's be honest; you'll be using that green belt for like, 5 levels max.  Will you REALLY notice the improvement from an extra point of agility or intellect?

2.) Put EVERYTHING on the Auction House.  Someone out there will buy it.  Be smart when you're putting things up, though.  The Auction House can easily be flooded by newbies selling [Easy Cooking Material 3] which higher leveled characters may be willing to pay 5g for, but the newbies will list it for 3s.  I'll never forget it.  I found Twisted Sabre on my warrior, my very first character.  I said in Trade, "WTS [Twisted Sabre] PST!"  Someone did, and I let it go for 2g.  I found out about a week later that there were 3 in the Auction House for 50g.

3.) If it doesn't sell on the Auction House, be sure to check to see if it's worth it.  A recent mistake I made was putting a pattern up on the Auction House, for 3s.  The deposit was 1s.  If I didn't sell it, there would be no point in re-listing it.  If it sold the 2nd time, I'd break even.  If it doesn't sell, then I start to lose money.

4.) Take 2 gathering professions.  With the new tracking system, you'll be able to track both minerals and herbs at the same time.  I took mining and skinning, because I play a Worgen; increased skinning skill and speed.  If you take herbalism and mining, though, you'll be able to gain experience off of both; the downside of skinning is that you only get experience from the mob kill.

That's all for today, folks.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New JC Metas

Short post today, sorry, but I have a lot to do.  Will do my blogroll later.

The new JC Meta gems are out on the market: Agile Shadowspirit, Reverberating Shadowspirit, and Burning Shadowspirit (Yes, still on WoWhead PTR).  These are going to equal big gold for Jewelcrafters, or whomever gets them made.

The new gems are a big upgrade over the old 54 crit rating Chaotic Shadowspirit, judging by the fact that for my class/spec (elemental Shaman), Critical Strike Rating is about half as effective for me as straight up Intellect.  I'm sure it's similar for others as well.

Don't bother trying to farm the recipes, though.  They're BoE world drops, which means you just have to get "lucky."  I'd recommend checking out the Auction House, although these patterns are very likely to go for upwards of 5,000g.  It's like the new expansion all over again; a new item has just been introduced that is extremely helpful for raiders, and it is very rare.  Supply and Demand, and all that.

Likewise, you could work out a deal with a Jewelcrafter; you supply the meta gems, and the JCer will cut the diamonds.  You'll give him/her a set amount, and you sell the cut gems on the Auction House.

I've seen people offering to cut these gems for 1k.  Yes, 1,000g JUST for them to click the button to make your gem.  I'm all for tipping and charging for tradeskills, and I'm sure people are paying that 1,000g for the item to be made.  Now is the time for profit!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Locking in your Bid, 4.0.6 Today

A great way to snag auctions at low prices is the little-used "bid" feature.  99.9% of the time, the bid price is lower than the buyout price.  So, when should you use the "bid" instead of the "buyout," and when is it safe?

Right before maintenance!  Auction timers continue even after the servers go down.  So, what you do is scan the Auction House before a maintenance, and bid on anything you want that has less than 12 hours to go.  The servers go down, your bid is in place, and there's nobody to oppose you!

Of course, there's still the chance that either 1.) someone will out-bid you before server maintenance happens, or 2.) the auction will still be there when the servers become live again, but your bid is essentially safe during the downtime.

MMO Champion has also confirmed that Patch 4.0.6 is today.  Lots of exciting changes coming up.

The Chaotic and Relentless are requiring 3 red gems instead of more blue gems than red gems, which will lead to increased sales.  I'm not sure why people are bothering, though, because the stats are going to be equivalent; remember reforging?

There are new Shadowspirit diamonds out, too, which will drive the price of raw materials up.  Did you stock up on JC tokens?

Flask materials are down, which will drive the price down, and make them more affordable.  This is good for us, too.  You can craft more flasks for the same price, and more flasks crafted means more procs, and more procs is more profit!

That's all for today folks, enjoy 4.0.6 and hopefully rake in a few thousand extra gold this week.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Jewelcrafting for Quick Gold after Prospecting

First off, sorry for not updating for a few days; I was out of town unexpectedly, but now I'm back in the saddle again!

Let's talk about a quick and easy topic for making gold today: Jewelcrafting.  The new jewelry pieces are about the same as the old ones, if you did the saronite shuffle back in the day.  You take a gem and a jeweler's setting (purchasable for 1.2g from the vendor at exalted), and turn it into a jewelry piece that vendors for 9g.  Considering the cut gem vendors for 9g, you're not really making any headway here.  The real trick is to disenchant said jewelry piece, and sell the dust on the Auction House.

Last I checked, Alicite goes for 8g on my Auction House.  16g for 2, plus the 1.2g for the setting, is 17.2g.  Disenchanted, this gives us on average 2 Hypnotic Dusts, or 2 Lesser Celestial Essences.  The dust is what we'll break even on, they sell for roughly 8.5g, or 17g for 2 on the Auction House.  The Lesser Celestial Essences, however, go for about 14g each.  Assuming 75% of the time we get dusts, and 25% of the time we get essences (lesser), this gives us 19g, or a profit of roughly 2g per craft, or 1g per Alicite, over what you would have sold it for on the Auction House raw.  This is, of course, discounting the rare-quality jewelry piece which you could sell for 100g or more on the Auction House.

Don't forget that Carnelians are much more valuable, being able to be crafted into Carnelian Spikes and disenchanted for close to 100% profit.  You could also take the disenchanting game one step further and use the dusts and essences to make scrolls, which generally sell for more on the Auction House than pure materials.

That's all for today, check in tomorrow and we'll talk about bid-locking during maintenance.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ZeroAuctions and You

Today, we're going to talk about one of my favorite addons, ZeroAuction.  This auction is a followup to QuickAuction, an addon that was popular back in Wrath that mostly automated the actions of posting on the Auction House.

ZeroAuctions has a sharp learning curve, so I'm hoping this mini-guide will get you set up.  First thing you need to do is get the addon, here on  After installing it, type, "/za config" to bring up the menu screen.  It'll look like this:

This is the general screen.  I don't worry so much about this, I usually manually set the prices for things on the group screen, which we'll talk about later.

Here's an image of the "Item Groups" Screen.  Here, you just make your group: type in a group name, and press the "Okay" button that will pop up next to the box.  For now, let's name it "Blue Gems."  I've already made my category, and a few others.

This is the main screen.  You can see that I have a Blue Gems category, a "Blue Gems - Cheap" category (for gems that regularly only sell for 20-30g), a jewelry category for the rare items made by crafting the jewelry recipes, and a "Misc" section (yeah come at me bro) for miscellaneous items that I may need to list for a week straight to get a buyer.  Sorry about the formatting there, but having it larger is necessary.
At any rate, let's talk about the sections here, because it looks ridiculous.  The heading of each section has a sentence, and that sentence is describing what the addon will do in different situations.  Since this is just a crash course, I'll go through the sections that really matter, and hopefully the rest will come as you pick it up (it's really not that complicated).
1.)Quantity - how many of an auction should be posted at a time.  I enable my overrides, because I didn't set up my general tab and I like to put in individual quantities for each auction grouping.  The same goes for other overrides.  I have mine set at 3, with 1 per auction.  This means that it will attempt to post 3 auctions of 1 item.  Fairly straightforward.

2.) Price - How much it will be listed for. 
Undercut:  Make it a random, low number.  I like 32s58c, it seems computer generated and  will leave your competition thinking that you don't know what you're doing
Threshold: How low an auction can go before it won't list.  I have my threshold at 40g, so if the cheapest auction is 35g, it won't list mine.
Price Gap: If there is a 1000% difference between the cheapest and 2nd cheapest, it will undercut the 2nd cheapest.  This is to prevent people screwing with other people who only use Auctioneer, by listing 1 hypnotic dust for 30s and watching everyone else list theirs for 25s.  If someone lists a gem for 1g when everyone else is listing theirs for 50g, ZA will undercut the 50g auction and leave the 1g auction alone.

3.)Fallbacks - What to set your auction for when there are none up
Override Auto Fallback:  Again, I like to individually set the parameters of each group
Fallback: I have mine set at 200g.  This is saying that if nobody has auctions up of Item X, then it will list Item X for 200g.
AutoFallback: If the price goes below my threshold, it will list at the fallback.  This is usually bad, and I like to handle cases like this in a case-by-case manner.  If 20 people are listing their gems at 39g, ZA will list mine at 200g, and I'll have wasted the deposit fee.

One last thing to talk about: the Add Items screen.  This is straightforward: you click the item you want to add to the group.  If you want to add all, say, glyphs, simply type "Glyph of" in the box and it'll add all the glyphs you have in your bag to the item group.  To remove items click on the "Remove Items" tab (highlighted by my mouse) and it's the same interface, only you click the items you want to remove.  You can only add or remove items in your inventory, not your bank or your alts.  It will, however, save configurations across all your alts, so you don't need to set it up differently for each alt you have.

That's all for today, may your coffers be full and may your auctions never bounce back to your mailbox.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Whoo Day Off!

It's my day off!  Actually, I just went back to grad school so I'm down to working 2 days a week.  2 more classes to go and I'll have my Master's!

On with the post.  Buying from hacked people!


Yeah it is bad that they got hacked, and yeah it is bad that they're losing their items, gear, etc.  Where it's good is that we get good deals.  Follow my logic here.

If you buy from a guy who is selling radios out of the back of his van, saying his "cousin's brother's nephew-in-law's warehouse didn't need them," chances are they're stolen, especially if he's selling them for $30 each when they're $100 new.  You buy one, the police catch him, he turns you in, the police come to your house and take your radio.  You're out $30 and a radio.  This is real life.  Do not attempt this at home (or on the city streets after 1AM).

If you buy from a guy who's hacked, selling gear because he's "quitting playing" for 30g when it's normally 100g, I BUY IT ALL.  Every last item.  Chances are, he's hacked, and the guy whom he is hacking is calling Blizzard to get his account back now.  Time is of the essence, and they want a short quick sale.  Blizzard is like the police in this case, too.  Blizzard will get the account back, and put the guy in "jail" (I'm assuming they follow the gold trail and ban whomever gets the gold, but I don't know).

Where WoW differs from the real world (as opposed to, you know, EVERYTHING ELSE), is that Blizzard isn't just the police.  Blizzard is also GOD.  Blizzard looks at the character log, inventory, etc. from a day or two before the player got hacked, and puts everything back.  Blizzard then sees that the person traded with you, and disregards it.

So you see, the player gets all their inventory back.  The hacker gets banned (presumably), and you get a great deal on lots of items.  It's a win/win! (okay, a win/win/lose)