Thursday, March 31, 2011

Posting on Hold for a bit

Sorry guys, I'm not going to be updating my blog for a couple days.  Trying to figure out why Google isn't putting ads on my webpage.

I know they disabled adsense for me for awhile for whatever reason (they didn't really say), and apparently it hasn't come back up.

I do also have a job interview tonight so I haven't been putting a lot of thought into the blog recently (in the past couple days).  I'm fairly certain the interview is just a formality, as I know the people who are hiring and they know the work I've done so I doubt I"ll have trouble getting the job.  It's just a part time thing anyway so no big deal if I don't get it when all's said and done.

Check back in a couple days, hopefully I'll be back up and running!  It also helps when I have a good blogroll to go through to stave off some boredom.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm back!

Sorry for the absence, I was building a new computer system and holy crap everything that could go wrong did!

As a quick aside, can anyone see the ads on my blog?  For some reason I'm not seeing them, although it may just be Firefox.  I have ads enabled and I can view great offers on other peoples' blogs, but for some reason it's not working on mine.

I got all the pieces together, except for the RAM, since I figured I'd just use the memory from my old computer in the new one.  I put it all together, took apart my old computer, and realized I had DDR2 which is incompatible with the new motherboard, I needed DDR3!  So, I went on Newegg and checked out their memory, and got a great deal on it.  Only problem was, they shipped it DHL and holy crap that took forever for some reason.  Literally 7 business days, whereas Newegg usually ships FedEx or UPS and that takes between 1 and 2 business days.  So, finally got it all put together and lo and behold, my computer doesn't like the new hard drives.  And, the 2nd monitor doesn't work!

Long story short, after about 16 hours total of screwing around with it, all I needed to do to fix the hard drive issue was to go into the hard drive manager and re-assign it a letter (like C:/ or F:/).  Done, 30 seconds.  To fix the monitor, I had to move my DVI to VGA adapter (I was too lazy to just hook up the VGA cable) from the bottom port to the top port.  For whatever reason, the bottom port on the video card didn't like the adapter.  Done, 5 minutes.  I raged but what're you going to do.

Hanging out with an old friend soon, haven't seen him in ages, will report back later/tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Got Up Early Today!

Finally, I'm starting to get my sleep cycle back on a more regular track.  Unfortunately, whenever I'm out of work or have very little to do, I tend to stay up late and go to sleep late; I would previously be going to bed at around 3-5AM and waking up around 2PM.  However, I got to bed at 2AM last night and woke up around 9AM.  I'm working this weekend, which will be good, especially since I have a few papers I can do.  On the weekends there's very little work to do anyway, but the laboratory still needs to be staffed.

I'm still waiting on the memory for my computer; I forget if I posted here, but I planned on using my RAM from the computer I have now.  It's DDR2 and I need DDR3, so that didn't work.  I ordered some last night but it didn't ship today, unfortunately, so I may not have it until next week.  Oh well.

At any rate, I went to the gym with my brother yesterday.  If you've never gone with a workout partner before, I highly recommend it.  It took a little more time than usual, but it was a lot of fun, more fun than I usually have.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back from the wedding

I probably forgot to mention it, but I had gone away to my friend's wedding.  It's really strange, we're the same age and I've known her since Kindergarten, so to see her up on the altar and in her wedding gown was a weird feeling.  It must be really nice to be married, I know she found the perfect person, but I doubt I'm going to get married anytime soon!

I'm hitting up the gym with my brother later; he's in college now but home on Spring Break.  Talk about feeling older,  it seems like just yesterday he was going into High School.  I guess that's the way it is with the flow of time.

Also, recently, I built a new computer:
 Intel i7 970 Hex-core processor
AMD Nvidia 6950 2gb video card (Unlocked to 6970)
8GB DDR3 1600 RAM
64GB SSD (just for Windows and whatever else)

It's going to be a beast once I get it up and running, but there's been snafus along the way.  The first video card I ordered was good, but it was specifically designed for 6 monitors.  Sold it on ebay.  Bought another video card, but they screwed up and sent me the 1gb version, so I had to return that one.  Bought the 3rd video card, and it's the right one!  BUT, I had planned to use the RAM from my old computer to save a little bit of money, no such luck.  I could have sworn I had DDR3, but it's DDR2 and that's not compatible with the new motherboard.  SO, I need to wait another week for the RAM to be delivered!  Poor planning on my part, what're you going to do.

Yes, I know I'm currently unemployed, but I never spent a dime (aside from gas and food) while I was working, so I have a good amount of money saved up.  The power of being frugal!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Harvest Moon, Gym, hanging out with an old buddy

Recently I've become re-addicted to Harvest Moon DS.  I've been a huge fan of the series since HM64, and Back to Nature was definitely the best (for original PS).  Pick up a ROM of it if you can, it's seriously amazing.

I don't know why, this game sounds boring.  You plant crops, you raise animals; milk cows, feed chickens, etc.  You interact with the townsfolk, and the only violence is accidentally hitting a cow with your hoe or ax or whatever.  But. It's.  So. God. Damn. Fun.  I guess it's a love it or hate it style game, but I love it.

Anyway, I stopped playing because it was too easy to exploit, and I'm against the whole "grinding to get an objective" in a game.  Yeah yeah I play WoW and I grind there, but that's only to prevent an unfair advantage that I could gain vs other players.  In a game that you pay for and own (I prefer to think that Blizz is letting us use their servers and play in their virtual world, we really don't own anything), I think you should be able to experience the story at your own pace.  You shouldn't have to spend a couple hours leveling up before you can move on to the next chapter.

Anyway, I digress.  Gym time now, I got my deadlift and incline press day.  I'm looking forward to deadlifting again, I think I have my form down.  If my back is sore until next week, though, I'm definitely going to have to get some help.  I already screwed up my knee, I don't want to screw up my back.  Speaking of which, if anyone has a good suggestion for knee tendinitis, please leave it here.

I'm hanging out with an old friend tonight, haven't seen him in awhile.  We'll probably do some Rock Band, which I'm terribad at, but it's still fun.  I'm not sure if I'll update tomorrow, but at the very least I'll be back on Monday.