Thursday, March 31, 2011

Posting on Hold for a bit

Sorry guys, I'm not going to be updating my blog for a couple days.  Trying to figure out why Google isn't putting ads on my webpage.

I know they disabled adsense for me for awhile for whatever reason (they didn't really say), and apparently it hasn't come back up.

I do also have a job interview tonight so I haven't been putting a lot of thought into the blog recently (in the past couple days).  I'm fairly certain the interview is just a formality, as I know the people who are hiring and they know the work I've done so I doubt I"ll have trouble getting the job.  It's just a part time thing anyway so no big deal if I don't get it when all's said and done.

Check back in a couple days, hopefully I'll be back up and running!  It also helps when I have a good blogroll to go through to stave off some boredom.


  1. doesn't matter. keep it up. soon you'll be allowed again to put ads on your blog. i'm sure. they did it with my blog once too!

    by the way, check out my log

  2. did they disable your adsense account?
    if so you probably won't be able to get ads again

  3. Can't wait till you get back man, sorry to hear that! Check me out,

  4. Them blocks be permanent afaik. Although Mo says otherwise.

  5. What?? Dude I was so looking forward to WoW tips. Darn.