Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Got Up Early Today!

Finally, I'm starting to get my sleep cycle back on a more regular track.  Unfortunately, whenever I'm out of work or have very little to do, I tend to stay up late and go to sleep late; I would previously be going to bed at around 3-5AM and waking up around 2PM.  However, I got to bed at 2AM last night and woke up around 9AM.  I'm working this weekend, which will be good, especially since I have a few papers I can do.  On the weekends there's very little work to do anyway, but the laboratory still needs to be staffed.

I'm still waiting on the memory for my computer; I forget if I posted here, but I planned on using my RAM from the computer I have now.  It's DDR2 and I need DDR3, so that didn't work.  I ordered some last night but it didn't ship today, unfortunately, so I may not have it until next week.  Oh well.

At any rate, I went to the gym with my brother yesterday.  If you've never gone with a workout partner before, I highly recommend it.  It took a little more time than usual, but it was a lot of fun, more fun than I usually have.


  1. nice story!

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  3. Great! Love getting up early int he day!

  4. I dont have a choice to not get up early everyday..

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