Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ton of Work Today

No time now for a legit update, may edit later though.  I have:

1.) to hit the gym
2.) grocery shopping
3.) Presentation tomorrow night
4.) weekly paper due Thursday
5.) 2 Term papers to start work on
6.) I'm probably forgetting some things

I got a job prospect, I'm not sure if I mentioned it here, but I'd be teaching a SAT prep class for Kaplan Tutoring services.  The guy called my gf, asking her if she was interested or if anyone she knew was.  She directed him to me (currently laid off), and he said he'd like to start me as soon as possible.

That was 2 weeks ago, haven't heard from him despite 2 e-mails.  Why are people so unprofessional?  I know the guy personally, why wouldn't he just say, "Hey, about the job, you're not what we're looking for, sorry," instead of keeping my hopes up and blocking me from looking for other prospects for 2 weeks?  Life lesson for the day: Be considerate of others.


  1. Have you looked outside lately? There were probably 400 other applicants for the position. NOBODY gets a call back. Civility is something you have when there isn't a depression on.

  2. Its best you follow up with him instead of waiting for him to get back to you. Show that you are proactive.

  3. Thanks for the comments. Mike: It was a position offered directly to me, I didn't apply for it, and by someone who considers themselves to be friendly with me. I'm not actively looking for work.

    Chris: Yeah, I did, a week after I e-mailed him, but still nothing.

  4. Gym membership, groceries and study, without a job?

    You're brave, hahah.