Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm back!

Sorry for the absence, I was building a new computer system and holy crap everything that could go wrong did!

As a quick aside, can anyone see the ads on my blog?  For some reason I'm not seeing them, although it may just be Firefox.  I have ads enabled and I can view great offers on other peoples' blogs, but for some reason it's not working on mine.

I got all the pieces together, except for the RAM, since I figured I'd just use the memory from my old computer in the new one.  I put it all together, took apart my old computer, and realized I had DDR2 which is incompatible with the new motherboard, I needed DDR3!  So, I went on Newegg and checked out their memory, and got a great deal on it.  Only problem was, they shipped it DHL and holy crap that took forever for some reason.  Literally 7 business days, whereas Newegg usually ships FedEx or UPS and that takes between 1 and 2 business days.  So, finally got it all put together and lo and behold, my computer doesn't like the new hard drives.  And, the 2nd monitor doesn't work!

Long story short, after about 16 hours total of screwing around with it, all I needed to do to fix the hard drive issue was to go into the hard drive manager and re-assign it a letter (like C:/ or F:/).  Done, 30 seconds.  To fix the monitor, I had to move my DVI to VGA adapter (I was too lazy to just hook up the VGA cable) from the bottom port to the top port.  For whatever reason, the bottom port on the video card didn't like the adapter.  Done, 5 minutes.  I raged but what're you going to do.

Hanging out with an old friend soon, haven't seen him in ages, will report back later/tomorrow!


  1. finally! nice to see you back!
    I can't see any ads..