Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just got back from a workout!

And only had to travel 10 feet!  I lifted at home today!

Unfortunately, it was only the Press, Bis, Tris, and situps (weighted are on Mondays).  My ultimate goal is to have a small home gym where I can do bench, squat, deadlift, and a few other things.  Now there's not much time for it, but I have a dinky little weight set with around 130lbs that my aunt gave me a long time ago.

I was supposed to do deadlifts today, but I noticed my lower back was always sore after deadlifts.  It wouldn't be a bad sore, but it would persist for awhile.  This leads me to believe I'm doing them with poor form, and that's definitely a bad idea.  I need to find out how to check my form and correct that, at least I stopped before I hurt myself.

At any rate, been working on my hunter in WoW, got him to 77 late last night and I'm hoping to hit 79 today.  I have literally all day, haven't heard back from the new job prospect yet, and I just sent out a few resumes.  Can only send out so many in a day.


  1. You just lift things up and put them down. *Trollface*

  2. Nice blog! Keep at it bro! Followed!