Monday, March 7, 2011

Some TV Shows You Should Check Out

1.) Firefly

I really liked this show, it's just amazing.  It's a Space Western Opera, if there even is such a genre.  It's about a captain and his crew, and all the ridiculous adventures they get themselves into.  It's very intense, especially the last half of the season, and definitely worth the watch.

It's too bad it got canceled after only one season, but there's a huge fanbase that says it may come back for at least a 2nd.

2.) Battlestar Galactica

When I heard about this show, I figured, "Great, another Star Trek" and passed it over because, well, I'm not a trekkie.  I finally said I'd give it a shot, and I was blown away.  I usually multi-task and play WoW on one monitor and watch TV shows or something on the other, but for the first time (I can't just sit and watch TV) in awhile, I had to stop playing WoW and just watch the show.  It's that good.

3.) The IT Crowd

If you're at all similar to the stereotypical nerd, you'll find this show funny.  Roy, Moss and Jen work in the IT department of Reynham Industries in London (yeah it's a British comedy), and they have to deal with all sorts of strange situations.  They're on Season 4 but because it's government TV, they only run 6 episodes a season.  Worth the watch at any rate.


  1. Dwight Shrute love Battlestar Galatctica.

  2. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

  3. Ive heard so many good things about Firefly, never seen it.

  4. hurmm, will look into those. :)