Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back from the wedding

I probably forgot to mention it, but I had gone away to my friend's wedding.  It's really strange, we're the same age and I've known her since Kindergarten, so to see her up on the altar and in her wedding gown was a weird feeling.  It must be really nice to be married, I know she found the perfect person, but I doubt I'm going to get married anytime soon!

I'm hitting up the gym with my brother later; he's in college now but home on Spring Break.  Talk about feeling older,  it seems like just yesterday he was going into High School.  I guess that's the way it is with the flow of time.

Also, recently, I built a new computer:
 Intel i7 970 Hex-core processor
AMD Nvidia 6950 2gb video card (Unlocked to 6970)
8GB DDR3 1600 RAM
64GB SSD (just for Windows and whatever else)

It's going to be a beast once I get it up and running, but there's been snafus along the way.  The first video card I ordered was good, but it was specifically designed for 6 monitors.  Sold it on ebay.  Bought another video card, but they screwed up and sent me the 1gb version, so I had to return that one.  Bought the 3rd video card, and it's the right one!  BUT, I had planned to use the RAM from my old computer to save a little bit of money, no such luck.  I could have sworn I had DDR3, but it's DDR2 and that's not compatible with the new motherboard.  SO, I need to wait another week for the RAM to be delivered!  Poor planning on my part, what're you going to do.

Yes, I know I'm currently unemployed, but I never spent a dime (aside from gas and food) while I was working, so I have a good amount of money saved up.  The power of being frugal!


  1. Did you tap any ass at the wedding like in Wedding Crashers?

  2. lol at ^ comment, tell me about not spending a dime, I worked full time for a year, had no car so rode my bike every morning at 530am felt good and bad

  3. Man, I know how you feel with the RAM being too old. Story of my life, hahaha.