Monday, February 21, 2011

New game!

No, not Rift.  I heard it was mediocre, like playing Dragon Age: Origins as an MMO.  I'm talking about Hack Slash Crawl.

I've been stuck at work, even though I've been "laid off," for the past 2 days.  If you're not a Med Tech, you may not know that there is staggeringly little work to do on weekends; I got literally 20 samples all day yesterday.  I average about 100 on a regular weekday, with ease.  SO, in lieu of entertainment (other than misc'ing, of course), I picked up this flash game called Hack Slash Crawl.

You can pick one of like 10 races and 10 classes (roughly, I didn't count).  Each has its own specialization.  For example, Demons have increased fire resistance and deal extra fire damage with each attack, and Necromancers get "Raise Skeletonx1" and "Raise Skeletonx3."  Their functions are pretty much self explanatory.  I was partial to the Draconic Necromancer.

You also acquire equipment which gives stats, and also gives spells.  It's a nightmare for min/maxers like me, because even in this tiny flash  game I'm thinking of ways to improve my character.  My complaint?  No "save" feature.  If you die, that's it, game over, start from 0.  The plus side to dying is that you gain titles which give bonuses.  The more you kill and the more "money" (I say "money" because it's not really money, it's basically points) you gain, the better title you get.  I'm sure there are other factors but I haven't figured them out yet.

It's pretty fun, I wasted an entire day playing it.  High Tea, the feature game on yesterday, is good too.

Anyway, it's time to get to "work".  I left early because a snowstorm was slated for my region, but it took me the normal commute time to get here.  Result is: I get to leave early!  Stay hungry friends, and can we pretend that the weight on the rack is just the bar?  Because I could really use a rep right now...