Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Whoo Day Off!

It's my day off!  Actually, I just went back to grad school so I'm down to working 2 days a week.  2 more classes to go and I'll have my Master's!

On with the post.  Buying from hacked people!


Yeah it is bad that they got hacked, and yeah it is bad that they're losing their items, gear, etc.  Where it's good is that we get good deals.  Follow my logic here.

If you buy from a guy who is selling radios out of the back of his van, saying his "cousin's brother's nephew-in-law's warehouse didn't need them," chances are they're stolen, especially if he's selling them for $30 each when they're $100 new.  You buy one, the police catch him, he turns you in, the police come to your house and take your radio.  You're out $30 and a radio.  This is real life.  Do not attempt this at home (or on the city streets after 1AM).

If you buy from a guy who's hacked, selling gear because he's "quitting playing" for 30g when it's normally 100g, I BUY IT ALL.  Every last item.  Chances are, he's hacked, and the guy whom he is hacking is calling Blizzard to get his account back now.  Time is of the essence, and they want a short quick sale.  Blizzard is like the police in this case, too.  Blizzard will get the account back, and put the guy in "jail" (I'm assuming they follow the gold trail and ban whomever gets the gold, but I don't know).

Where WoW differs from the real world (as opposed to, you know, EVERYTHING ELSE), is that Blizzard isn't just the police.  Blizzard is also GOD.  Blizzard looks at the character log, inventory, etc. from a day or two before the player got hacked, and puts everything back.  Blizzard then sees that the person traded with you, and disregards it.

So you see, the player gets all their inventory back.  The hacker gets banned (presumably), and you get a great deal on lots of items.  It's a win/win! (okay, a win/win/lose)


  1. good job on getting ur masters!

    your friend,

  2. nice on the masters bro..

  3. Congrats man! :)

    On the hackers, what to do, oh well :)