Saturday, February 19, 2011

Done with the Gold-Making Game

Title, kinda.

It's just not that interesting anymore; I log on, cut my gems, post them, and log onto my hunter.  I'm not closing my blog, but we're going to shift gears a bit.  It's just going to be about my general experiences, WoW and otherwise.  I'm the Original WoW Banksta, so that's not going anywhere (c wut i did thar), but here we go.

I'm a Med Tech at Umass Memorial Hospital, for my day job.  I'm per-diem now, with the agreed upon verbal contract that I'd be working 2-3 days per week as long as I was in school.  However, they recently had a meeting saying they're about $11 million in the red, so guess who's the first to go!  I'm not technically fired, but after this week I'm not on the schedule.  Kinda wish I got laid off so I could collect the benefits package, but what're you going to do.

With my new "blessing" of time off, I'm going to go live with my 2nd account and do something only insane people do; get all 10 characters to level 85 (or however close I feel like getting).  I'm going to RAF myself and get another 7 60's, here's how my roster looks now:

85 Shaman
62 Hunter
80 Warrior (whom I will be transferring over)
31 Rogue
20 Druid

So, my plan is after I get my Hunter to 70 or so (by Sunday evening, I'm going to start RAF next Monday morning), I'm going to level my first 2 characters to 59.75.  I'm going to use the first "level gifts" on my Rogue to get him to 60, then I'm going to level a priest and paladin (both on my account) to 59.75 (59.75 because the RAF xp bonus ends when any character on either account reaches level 60).  Once both of them are level 59.75, I'm going to use those level gifts to level another character to 60.  The last one will gain enough level gifts to get my Druid to level 60.

This sounds so depressing.  Haha I would take a trip, but I need to be in town for Mondays and Wednesdays for class.  I may see if I can catch a cheap flight to NY or something for a weekend, and I'm definitely taking some time to visit my friend in RI.  At any rate, that's my "project" for while I'm temporarily "laid off."  I strongly doubt this will actually happen.

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  1. that sucks. too bad they didnt just lay you off, who knows when youll be working again, right?