Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New JC Metas

Short post today, sorry, but I have a lot to do.  Will do my blogroll later.

The new JC Meta gems are out on the market: Agile Shadowspirit, Reverberating Shadowspirit, and Burning Shadowspirit (Yes, still on WoWhead PTR).  These are going to equal big gold for Jewelcrafters, or whomever gets them made.

The new gems are a big upgrade over the old 54 crit rating Chaotic Shadowspirit, judging by the fact that for my class/spec (elemental Shaman), Critical Strike Rating is about half as effective for me as straight up Intellect.  I'm sure it's similar for others as well.

Don't bother trying to farm the recipes, though.  They're BoE world drops, which means you just have to get "lucky."  I'd recommend checking out the Auction House, although these patterns are very likely to go for upwards of 5,000g.  It's like the new expansion all over again; a new item has just been introduced that is extremely helpful for raiders, and it is very rare.  Supply and Demand, and all that.

Likewise, you could work out a deal with a Jewelcrafter; you supply the meta gems, and the JCer will cut the diamonds.  You'll give him/her a set amount, and you sell the cut gems on the Auction House.

I've seen people offering to cut these gems for 1k.  Yes, 1,000g JUST for them to click the button to make your gem.  I'm all for tipping and charging for tradeskills, and I'm sure people are paying that 1,000g for the item to be made.  Now is the time for profit!


  1. I will chek these games out!

  2. thanks man ur posts are awesome and really helpful

  3. i'll check it out man.

  4. Good patch came out today indeed :)