Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Locking in your Bid, 4.0.6 Today

A great way to snag auctions at low prices is the little-used "bid" feature.  99.9% of the time, the bid price is lower than the buyout price.  So, when should you use the "bid" instead of the "buyout," and when is it safe?

Right before maintenance!  Auction timers continue even after the servers go down.  So, what you do is scan the Auction House before a maintenance, and bid on anything you want that has less than 12 hours to go.  The servers go down, your bid is in place, and there's nobody to oppose you!

Of course, there's still the chance that either 1.) someone will out-bid you before server maintenance happens, or 2.) the auction will still be there when the servers become live again, but your bid is essentially safe during the downtime.

MMO Champion has also confirmed that Patch 4.0.6 is today.  Lots of exciting changes coming up.

The Chaotic and Relentless are requiring 3 red gems instead of more blue gems than red gems, which will lead to increased sales.  I'm not sure why people are bothering, though, because the stats are going to be equivalent; remember reforging?

There are new Shadowspirit diamonds out, too, which will drive the price of raw materials up.  Did you stock up on JC tokens?

Flask materials are down, which will drive the price down, and make them more affordable.  This is good for us, too.  You can craft more flasks for the same price, and more flasks crafted means more procs, and more procs is more profit!

That's all for today folks, enjoy 4.0.6 and hopefully rake in a few thousand extra gold this week.


  1. thanks for posting that!