Friday, February 18, 2011

Decline of Material prices

Sorry I haven't been updating recently, I haven't been feeling well and most often I just forget about it.  Anyway, a quick update:

New guild is going well, we've taken down everyone so far and we're working on heroic modes.  We got Halfus last Tuesday, but I don't know what else they've killed.

Got my hunter to level 58, on to Outlands!  It'll be nice to have a huge gear jump, and deal more damage.  At any rate, the heirloom pieces are helping (the bonus XP ones), and the guild cloak is good too.  I'm looking forward to getting the guild headpiece, but that won't be for awhile.

Let's look at material prices today.  Before, I said that an easy way to make gold was to turn the uncommon quality gems to jewelry pieces, and disenchant them.  Is that still profitable?  Let's look at it.

A cut uncommon gem vendors for 9g.  So, if you're looking at, say Alicite, you'd expect a return of at least 10g per dust (2 Alicites required for the piece, on top of a Jeweler's setting).  Check the Auction House, and what do you find?  Dusts are 8g.  They're actually down to 6g on my realm; this is good and bad.

This is good because it means that making enchanting scrolls will finally be profitable.  For some reason, people don't want to pay as much for the scroll as they would pay for the raw materials.  If you could purchase the wood for a desk for $60, you wouldn't expect the already made desk to go for $50.

This is bad, also.  This is bad because it cuts down on your revenue.  It reduces the value of hypnotic dust to the point where it's more profitable to cut the gems and vendor them.  This means less supply from the smart economist, but all those people who are looking for some quick gold still have the same supply.  The "quick gold" people will undercut each other until the price bottoms out, which will continue to reduce the efficacy of disenchanting and selling over vendoring.