Thursday, February 10, 2011

Leveling Alts...for Profit!

Sorry for the late post today, but here we go again.

Lately, I've been taking an interest in my alt, a level 34 hunter.  I started him about a month ago, but I rarely play on this character.  I have 3 heirloom pieces, the 10% guild bonus, and level extremely quickly, and I have 500g.  0 to 500g, no Auction House flipping, nothing other than doing quests.  How?

1.) Don't buy items from the Auction House.  Let's be honest; you'll be using that green belt for like, 5 levels max.  Will you REALLY notice the improvement from an extra point of agility or intellect?

2.) Put EVERYTHING on the Auction House.  Someone out there will buy it.  Be smart when you're putting things up, though.  The Auction House can easily be flooded by newbies selling [Easy Cooking Material 3] which higher leveled characters may be willing to pay 5g for, but the newbies will list it for 3s.  I'll never forget it.  I found Twisted Sabre on my warrior, my very first character.  I said in Trade, "WTS [Twisted Sabre] PST!"  Someone did, and I let it go for 2g.  I found out about a week later that there were 3 in the Auction House for 50g.

3.) If it doesn't sell on the Auction House, be sure to check to see if it's worth it.  A recent mistake I made was putting a pattern up on the Auction House, for 3s.  The deposit was 1s.  If I didn't sell it, there would be no point in re-listing it.  If it sold the 2nd time, I'd break even.  If it doesn't sell, then I start to lose money.

4.) Take 2 gathering professions.  With the new tracking system, you'll be able to track both minerals and herbs at the same time.  I took mining and skinning, because I play a Worgen; increased skinning skill and speed.  If you take herbalism and mining, though, you'll be able to gain experience off of both; the downside of skinning is that you only get experience from the mob kill.

That's all for today, folks.


  1. thank you master for teaching noobs like me

  2. The gathering professions while your leveling is a big deal.

  3. It is quite a good and (NOW) a fun way to get gold :)