Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ZeroAuctions and You

Today, we're going to talk about one of my favorite addons, ZeroAuction.  This auction is a followup to QuickAuction, an addon that was popular back in Wrath that mostly automated the actions of posting on the Auction House.

ZeroAuctions has a sharp learning curve, so I'm hoping this mini-guide will get you set up.  First thing you need to do is get the addon, here on  After installing it, type, "/za config" to bring up the menu screen.  It'll look like this:

This is the general screen.  I don't worry so much about this, I usually manually set the prices for things on the group screen, which we'll talk about later.

Here's an image of the "Item Groups" Screen.  Here, you just make your group: type in a group name, and press the "Okay" button that will pop up next to the box.  For now, let's name it "Blue Gems."  I've already made my category, and a few others.

This is the main screen.  You can see that I have a Blue Gems category, a "Blue Gems - Cheap" category (for gems that regularly only sell for 20-30g), a jewelry category for the rare items made by crafting the jewelry recipes, and a "Misc" section (yeah come at me bro) for miscellaneous items that I may need to list for a week straight to get a buyer.  Sorry about the formatting there, but having it larger is necessary.
At any rate, let's talk about the sections here, because it looks ridiculous.  The heading of each section has a sentence, and that sentence is describing what the addon will do in different situations.  Since this is just a crash course, I'll go through the sections that really matter, and hopefully the rest will come as you pick it up (it's really not that complicated).
1.)Quantity - how many of an auction should be posted at a time.  I enable my overrides, because I didn't set up my general tab and I like to put in individual quantities for each auction grouping.  The same goes for other overrides.  I have mine set at 3, with 1 per auction.  This means that it will attempt to post 3 auctions of 1 item.  Fairly straightforward.

2.) Price - How much it will be listed for. 
Undercut:  Make it a random, low number.  I like 32s58c, it seems computer generated and  will leave your competition thinking that you don't know what you're doing
Threshold: How low an auction can go before it won't list.  I have my threshold at 40g, so if the cheapest auction is 35g, it won't list mine.
Price Gap: If there is a 1000% difference between the cheapest and 2nd cheapest, it will undercut the 2nd cheapest.  This is to prevent people screwing with other people who only use Auctioneer, by listing 1 hypnotic dust for 30s and watching everyone else list theirs for 25s.  If someone lists a gem for 1g when everyone else is listing theirs for 50g, ZA will undercut the 50g auction and leave the 1g auction alone.

3.)Fallbacks - What to set your auction for when there are none up
Override Auto Fallback:  Again, I like to individually set the parameters of each group
Fallback: I have mine set at 200g.  This is saying that if nobody has auctions up of Item X, then it will list Item X for 200g.
AutoFallback: If the price goes below my threshold, it will list at the fallback.  This is usually bad, and I like to handle cases like this in a case-by-case manner.  If 20 people are listing their gems at 39g, ZA will list mine at 200g, and I'll have wasted the deposit fee.

One last thing to talk about: the Add Items screen.  This is straightforward: you click the item you want to add to the group.  If you want to add all, say, glyphs, simply type "Glyph of" in the box and it'll add all the glyphs you have in your bag to the item group.  To remove items click on the "Remove Items" tab (highlighted by my mouse) and it's the same interface, only you click the items you want to remove.  You can only add or remove items in your inventory, not your bank or your alts.  It will, however, save configurations across all your alts, so you don't need to set it up differently for each alt you have.

That's all for today, may your coffers be full and may your auctions never bounce back to your mailbox.


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