Monday, February 7, 2011

Jewelcrafting for Quick Gold after Prospecting

First off, sorry for not updating for a few days; I was out of town unexpectedly, but now I'm back in the saddle again!

Let's talk about a quick and easy topic for making gold today: Jewelcrafting.  The new jewelry pieces are about the same as the old ones, if you did the saronite shuffle back in the day.  You take a gem and a jeweler's setting (purchasable for 1.2g from the vendor at exalted), and turn it into a jewelry piece that vendors for 9g.  Considering the cut gem vendors for 9g, you're not really making any headway here.  The real trick is to disenchant said jewelry piece, and sell the dust on the Auction House.

Last I checked, Alicite goes for 8g on my Auction House.  16g for 2, plus the 1.2g for the setting, is 17.2g.  Disenchanted, this gives us on average 2 Hypnotic Dusts, or 2 Lesser Celestial Essences.  The dust is what we'll break even on, they sell for roughly 8.5g, or 17g for 2 on the Auction House.  The Lesser Celestial Essences, however, go for about 14g each.  Assuming 75% of the time we get dusts, and 25% of the time we get essences (lesser), this gives us 19g, or a profit of roughly 2g per craft, or 1g per Alicite, over what you would have sold it for on the Auction House raw.  This is, of course, discounting the rare-quality jewelry piece which you could sell for 100g or more on the Auction House.

Don't forget that Carnelians are much more valuable, being able to be crafted into Carnelian Spikes and disenchanted for close to 100% profit.  You could also take the disenchanting game one step further and use the dusts and essences to make scrolls, which generally sell for more on the Auction House than pure materials.

That's all for today, check in tomorrow and we'll talk about bid-locking during maintenance.


  1. like it to hear from you again :)